About me:
Kevin. Germany. 20. Ordinary Hipster, Indie, Gamer, Otaku and tumblr user.
Any more questions?

internets, tumblr, videogames, eat, sleep, music, watch TV, Manga, Anime, chillin, trollin...stuff like that

Favorite Music:
Indie, Rock, J-Rock, Alternative, Nu Metal, Post-Hardcore, Crunkcore, Punk, J-Punk, Ska, J-Pop, Metalcore, Screamo, Acoustic, Grunge, Anime/Game OST's, Jazz, Blues, old Pop Classics, Classic, Dubstep, Bitstep and Electronic

Favorite Books:
Manga, Fantasy, Comedy, .... "Entschuldigung, sind Sie die Wurst?"

Favorite Movies:
Inception, Forrest Gump, Mr.Deeds, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Watchmen, Devil, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, All Hayao Miyazaki-, Naruto-, Tim Burton-, Lords of the Rings-, Mortal Kombat-, Pirates of the Carabiens-, Matrix- and Disneymovies

What I like:
First, my family and my girlfriend. Incubus, best band ever. FAN4EVERANDLONGERZ!, Kermit, Christmas and Frederic Chopin. Food, peanuts, rice, burger. . . drink, icetea. The colours, green-yellow, white and black. The Numbers 13 and 42 etc..

What i don't like:
Religions, Church, Spinat, Cigarettes. Hip Hop .... Math, bad weather. People who hate tumblr!!

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23rd Mai 2012

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A Little Bit On The Epic Gaming Room Side: This perfect gamer cave belongs to  16bitghost. Dude basically owns every console which makes his life pretty much 100% more fulfilling than yours.

Here’s a 12-minute tour of the pad:

(via Geekologie)


Part of me wants to give up on life.

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    Gamestop be like we can give you $13.53 for everything.
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